The Perłowa
Beer House

The place under the brand of Perła-Browary Lubelskie S.A. It is located in the building of the former Vetter Brewery in Lublin. Perłowa is a place referring to the rich brewing tradition in the Lublin Region and cultivating the beer culture. Here beer enthusiasts have an opportunity to try the produce of talented brewers from Lublin and Zwierzyniec. Special beer varieties are made especially for Perłowa, available only here. This is also the place where guests can try new beers, later to be distributed on a larger scale.

The Beer House’s cuisine follows the Slow Food approach. It provides a unique opportunity to celebrate each meal and explore its genuine taste combined with beer. Our chef presents the secrets of traditional Polish cuisine enhanced with elements of the modern culinary art. In the summer season the Perłowa Garden is available.

  • The Perła Brewery
  • The Perłowa Beer House
  • The Perłowa Beer House interior
  • The Perłowa Beer House garden
  • The Perłowa Beer House garden

Slow Food

Good beer must be accompanied by quality food. Perłowa invites the enthusiasts of the local cuisine which follows the Slow Food trend. The restaurant is supplied by local cheese makers, fish farmers, and also organic farms and slaughterhouses. Perłowa makes its own sausages, mustard, baked goods, and even ice cream.

  • Restaurant dishes
  • Restaurant dishes
  • Restaurant dishes

Our awards

Within the 5 years of being open, the place received numerous prestigious awards:

the Lublin Room
and places in
the Perłowa Beer House

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