The Perłowa Beer House is owned by the Perła Brewery, which is why its design is based on the assumption that the bar should be the most important and the only element of the space, serving as a friendly and versatile meeting place. The thirty-metre counter fills the entire space of the Beer House. Guests are gathered sitting at or standing around the bar, so it constitutes the main element of the central composition of the interiors.

The place also features an illuminated figure made of bottles, a line of eight beer taps in the middle, and the external openwork structure made of oak wood strips. All elements are reflected in the mirror ceiling, which was used because of the low height of the room.

  • The longest bar in Lublin
  • The longest bar in Lublin
  • The longest bar in Lublin

Finishing materials were selected with the intention to balance the “warm” and the “cold” elements. The counter was made of bent zinc sheet as a reference to traditional appliances used for beer production. The floor was made of graphite concrete.

The Perłowa Beer House interior
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